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Besaplast Kunststoffe GmbH is a manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic articles and we would like to introduce ourselves to you through this website.

internal expansion joint waterstop

Our product range is divided into two main groups: waterstops and special purpose profiles.

We offer probably the wides range in waterstops worldwide with waterstops for all kinds of applications where waterproof sealing and/or absorption of movement is essential, such as brigdes, industrial buildings, water and sewage treatments, dams, tunnels and many more. Our waterstops are available in different sizes and materials and we also offer complete waterstops systems according to our customers requirements.

Our second product group are custom made regular and coextruded thermoplastic profiles, e.g. datastrips.

Further information please find under the category products.

If you are interested in movement joint profiles and field limitation profiles please visit the website of our sister company Deflex®-Fugensysteme GmbH.

If you are looking for bridge bearings we recommend the products of Gumba GmbH.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!